CESI and its member organisation ALE discuss rail policy developments with key EU decision-makers and stakeholders

22 Oct 2015
From Monday to Wednesday this week, CESI hosted a delegation visit of its member organisation 'European Independent Train Drivers Union' (ALE) in Brussels. The objective of the visit was to hold a series of talks on recent railway policy developments... Read more

CESI meets with MEP Kostadinka Kuneva to discuss about women domestic carers

22 Oct 2015
On Tuesday this week, CESI Secretary general Klaus Heeger and Kirsten Lühmann, President of CESI's Commission on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (CESI's internal members' committee to deliberate on gender equality politics), met... Read more

Illegal advantageous tax treatments for Fiat and Starbucks: Commission fines are right but too low

21 Oct 2015
Following in-depth investigations, which were launched in June 2014, the European Commission has decided today that selective tax advantages (tax rulings) for Fiat in Luxembourg and Starbucks in the Netherlands are illegal under EU state aid rules. As... Read more

[email protected]: Public sector workers need more support to manage migration

20 Oct 2015
Yesterday, CESI hosted a further edition of its lunchtime panel debate series [email protected] This time professionals and experts discussed how to meet the challenges that public authorities and their staff face in the reception and integration of migrants,... Read more

Trade Council ‘Local & Regional Administration’ discusses migration and violence at work

16 Oct 2015
Today, CESI's Trade Council ‘Local and Regional Administration’ - CESI's internal forum of debate and deliberation for local and regional administration affairs - met in Brussels. At the centre of the debate was the adoption of a position... Read more