[email protected]: ‘The use of military forces for internal security tasks’

On 27 September, EUROMIL and CESI jointly organised the 14th edition of [email protected] on the topic of 'The use of military forces for internal security tasks'.

Bratislava summit and State of the union recap: Action needs to follow from words

Last week, European Commission President Juncker delivered his latest State of the Union speech in the European Parliament, and two days later the EU-27’s heads of state and government adopted a so-called ‘Bratislava declaration and roadmap’ on... Read more

FEMM/SOC Commissions: Social Pillar and skills & work-life balance policies on the agenda

Today, CESI's Commissions on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) and Employment and Social Affairs (SOC) convened for their last meeting of the year in Brussels. As CESI's most important members' committees for deliberation and... Read more

Good news for workers: European Parliament adopts ambitous reports on social dumping and work-life balance measures

Today, the European Parliament plenary adopted two reports on social dumping in the EU and labour market conditions that are (more) favourable to work-life balance. Both reports underscore the long way the EU still has to go in ensuring fair working conditions... Read more

Joint statement: A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all

12 Sep 2016
Ahead of the Bratislava European summit, CESI signed and supports a common statement by 177 European and national civil society organisations and trade unions on 'A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all'. It calls for the European... Read more