SAMPPSH, Albanian Unions of General Secondary and Professional Education

The Unions of General Secondary and Profession Education is a member of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Albania (KSSH), the largest and most mobilised formation in Albania. SAMPPSH is active within KSSH, with an active membership throughout Albania.

SAMPPSH represents the KSSH in bilateral and tripartite dialogue at national and territorial level in the field of education, science and for educational institutions which support the educational system.

SAMPPSH has also signed several collective agreements with public and private educational institutions and represents the committees specialized in education and vocational training, for salaries and pensions at the National Labour Council.

The current President of SAMPPSH is Arisitr Davidhi.

To find out more about SAMPPSH, please consult the KSSH website.

To contact SAMPPSH:

  • rr.S.Delvina 57/1
    ne krah te hotel Diplomatit 1, kati 3
    Tirana, Albania
  • E-Mail : [email protected]