CESI meets with Parliament employment committee chair Thomas Händel

14 Oct 2015

Today, CESI General secretary Klaus Heeger met for an exchange of views with the chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, MEP Thomas Händel (GUE/NGL). Following Mr Händel's absence from Brussels during much of 2014 and 2015, this was the first personal encounter between the two during this parliamentary term.

CESI meets with Parliament employment committee chair Thomas Händel

During the meeting, Mr Händel and Mr Heeger discussed about the achievements of EU employment and social policy, its state of play, and the various challenges that remain to be addressed and met on the ground.

In this context, they exchanged views with regards to topics such as:
• the upcoming labour mobility package proposal by the European Commission and problems related to the posting of workers ;
• the Commission’s recent proposal on long-term unemployment in the EU;
• the possible revision of the EU working time directive in 2016;
• the possible merger of the EU’s 24 health and safety directives into a single legislative document in 2016;
• a possible upcoming proposal by the Commission on a modern, overarching definition of the term ’employee’ that helps to define legislation to effectively protect all workers and avoid precarious work relationships and social dumping in the so-called new forms of employment;
• the prospects of the recently published Commission roadmap on work-life balance (the Commission’s successor initiative of the failed maternity leave directive proposal) and the (hopefully) upcoming EU post-2015 gender equality strategy.

Mr. Heeger and Mr Händel agreed to stay in touch closely and continue to exchange views regularly.